Open Letter to Lib Peck – Lambeth Council.

From: Paula Donohoe
Sent: 08 September 2017 14:54
To: Lib Peck
Subject: Re: Your local police station might be closing – here’s how to stop it

Dear Elizabeth Peck,

thank-you for your e-mail advising of the potential closure of Police stations across Lambeth. I wanted to write personally to let you, your fellow councillors and local Police know that I, for one, will not be sorry to see these Police stations close. As many residents of Lambeth are all to painfully aware , the failures to thoroughly and properly investigate serious organised crime in this Borough have been continual over many decades. The exploitation of children in Lambeth streets is more visible than it has ever been, there are some areas that are nothing short of being seething vipers nests of peadophiles and the desperate children they pray upon and exploit. Council estates are also targeted and appear to have resident groomers within them, children developing in these circumstances have to become resilient very quickly. I guess the demolition plans will at least ‘clean-up’ the evidence of exploitation and the devastation of human life it has created?

The inaction of Police to thoroughly and properly investigate these crimes raises many questions, as does the inaction of the Local Authority in safeguarding these children. This coincides with what appears to be a political perspective that children are a source of crime and deserve frequent Police attention, whether they have done anything criminal or not. Both LA staff and local Police have written to me to say there is not a significant problem of child exploitation in Lambeth (i.e.; 64 children identified as at risk of sexual exploitation, may I suggest it is more like 1064 and that is probably an underestimation). The continued political and professional failures to see what is happening to children on Lambeth streets, mirrors the problems and inaction of yesteryear and we all know how that panned out. The political ambivalence and misinformation is an indicator of potential corruption and requires challenge. Are you aware of the problem? Do you care? Lambeth LA and the local Police are certainly not safeguarding vulnerable children in this Borough, although the groomers and criminal exploiters appear to be doing pretty well! Whistleblowers and those who make allegations remain unheard, despite the IICSA and history with SOSA. I have previously received correspondence indicating whistleblowers are supported, my experience suggests quite the opposite appears to be true; I would go so far as to say the local authority and Police are complicit in the persecution and character assassination of whistleblowers, whilst denying the problem of child exploitation. Have any lessons been learned? Or are you happy to make apologies and pay out compensation at tax payers expense as the circumstance will eventually demand?

Quite frankly Lambeth citizens and children will be safer with no Police than with Police operating under a corrupt administration. Our children appear to be more vulnerable and at risk of exploitation when Police and Local Authority are aware of them than when not. These children are certainly not being protected, not by any stretch of the imagination. I will say again, as I have said many times before, the problem of child grooming and exploitation in Lambeth is rife, it has not been helped by the numerous Police stations. Why on earth would we want to support such an ineffectual service? That said, should you make a stand to clean up the political and bureaucratic corruptions in Lambeth and the Police complicity in it, I would be more than happy to support a campaign for Police stations in the community. I have met some very good Police Officers in my lifetime, unfortunately many of them are severely let down by the hierarchical structures. It is always unfortunate when good professionals have to pay the price for corrupt administrations.

Again, many thanks for your e-mail, please feel free to share my views as widely as your conscience permits.

Many kind regards

Paula Donohoe

Lambeth resident: Researching the local criminal and sexual exploitation of children and the associated political, legal and procedural frameworks that allow for it.
From: Lib Peck <>
Sent: 07 September 2017 17:00:55
To: Paula Donohoe
Subject: Your local police station might be closing – here’s how to stop it



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