Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Sent: 15 January 2017 19:50
Subject: Rule rigging in Labour

Dear Jeremy,

I write with the hope that I can bring to your attention, issues that became apparent during my recent membership of the Labour Party, which I have now cancelled. Primarily, the decision to leave Labour is a result of continued Lambeth corruptions, a failure to acknowledge the ongoing CSA problems and experiencing ill treatment as a whistleblower. However, I remain with significant concerns regarding wider political operations in the Labour Party, which appear to lend themselves to the continuation of child abuse. I do hope you can consider my reasons and the implications for Labour politics. Interestingly, your recent speech regarding rigging of the political system struck a real chord with me, “The people who run Britain have rigged the economy and business rules to line the pockets of their friends. The truth is the system simply doesn’t work for most people. Labour under my leadership stands for a complete break with this rigged system”.

Many will wish to aspire to these ideals, the ‘rigging’ in the system is not simply an economic issue, it is also a humanitarian one and it really does need to change. Ongoing and significant secrecy when exploring the factors and variables associated with VIP child abuse, is, arguably, an example of a self-serving application of the rules and ‘rigging’. The 100-year gagging order imposed by Tony Blair and Jack Straw in 2003 suppresses information from the biggest child abuse investigation ever undertaken in this country. MP’s and Lord’s (including Labour), hide behind the Official Secret’s Act for offences against children. Transparency in the operations of Parliament takes a back seat when it comes to politicians accused of child abuse, Labour MP Vaz, has, according to reports, utilized parliamentary privilege to avoid investigation or inquiry. Vaz has avoided investigation for some of the most abhorrent crimes known to humanity, any ordinary citizen, indeed, even a child, would likely be imprisoned for less. Are political operations and privileges preventing politicians (of all colours) from being investigated? Is there a rigging of the rules by politicians with a vested interest in covering-up child abuse? Or is it Labour’s Chief Whip that makes it all go away? With all due respect, this issue appears to be an ongoing problem in the Labour Party.

Why is Vaz still in Parliament and evading criminal inquiry? Could it be because the system is ‘rigged’? What are Labour doing about addressing political involvement in child abuse? Does parliamentary privilege enable avoiding investigation for child abuse? There has been systemic failure to address or prevent child exploitation, that systemic failure has thrived under Labour as well as Conservatives and Liberals. However, under Labour, numbers of children in the criminal justice system soared, forced adoptions soared and in the name of protecting children and preventing crime, many children were removed from their homes and simultaneously not protected, as demonstrated by the nationwide problem of child exploitation, grooming and criminality. This is not a legacy for any political party to be proud of. Unfortunately, Labour appear to be taking little visible action to address the problem in their own ranks. Cover-up appears the priority.

I am a long term resident of Lambeth, I am a registered social worker, turned whistleblower, Lambeth have demonstrated a particularly persistent problem with child exploitation and grooming (although Labour Lambeth appear to believe the corruptions are historical, I would suggest there is significant grounds to believe it is ongoing). Lambeth Labour corruptions, not unlike Vaz, evade full and proper investigation, local Labour politicians consistently fail to answer relevant questions about systemic operations. Police fail to investigate serious crimes, the Local Authority are inadequate in caring for children, the DWP suspend benefit of whistleblowers, we have the highest inequality rates in the UK, massive use of foodbanks, controversial ‘regeneration’ decisions and consistent and persistent abuses of power. Much of this is justified by pointing the finger of blame at the Tories and it doesn’t make sense. These combined operations, alongside failure to take responsibility, or to be held accountable, lend themselves to a significant problem of exploitation and abuse, which continues to thrive in this area. Any system only has the integrity of those implementing it, unfortunately I see little integrity in Lambeth Labour or in allowing child abuse allegations to go without full and proper investigation. Labour Lambeth are proving themselves complicit in supporting the very operations that lend themselves to the CSA problem. Vaz demonstrates a wider Party problem and a level of political acceptance to this type of insidious abuse.

The problem needs to be properly addressed, whilst the IICSA maybe going someway to explore the historical problem, examples like Vaz serve to prove the problem is current and ongoing. It’s not a ‘personal matter’ when MP’s adorn newspapers frolicking with prostitutes, when they demonstrate shady financial affairs and are accused of child abuse. Such examples of self-entitlement, exhibited by prominent Labour MPs, speak volumes, Vaz is an embarrassment to the Party, he shames not only parliament but the whole country. Until Labour can ensure the powerful in their party stop evading criminal investigation for the most degrading, demeaning and violating of crimes against our children, it is not feasible for those who campaign against child abuse, to remain. Crimes against children need to be effectively tackled, secrecy and cover-up is a failure to tackle the problem and colludes with its continuance.

Exploitation of children continues to be a problem in Lambeth, abuses of whistleblowers are also ongoing. Although the political rhetoric is warm, inclusive and convincing, the practice is far removed from this. I, like many, am deeply saddened by what has happened to children under a Labour leadership in Lambeth, but even more saddened by the reality that it continues to the current day without effective response from either Politicians, Police or the Labour Local Authority. Some Lambeth Labour politicians have expressed profound lack of confidence in the IICSA, whilst presenting themselves as saviours to the cause by offering compensation to historical victims. The Lambeth problem had a far wider reach than children in care and given the ongoing and persistent nature of the problem, the willingness of local politicians to point fingers of blame beggars belief. Compensating some of the historical victims is insufficient to address the current problem, compensation is an insult to those children who are currently being abused and exploited in Lambeth. Furthermore, political corruptions and abuses should not be paid for by the tax-payer. Warm words and platitudes from Labour leaders are not enough, we need to see proper investigation of the current problem. It is the lack of effective action and attempts to silence myself as a whistleblower, that have placed me in conflict with the Labour administration. It is not feasible to remain in the Party whilst subject to ongoing harassment. My life has been placed at risk, as has that of my family members, because I dared to speak out against the corruptions that allow for child abuse. This is profoundly wrong, whilst I recognise that the majority of people in the Labour Party do not believe that child abuse is acceptable, there is a sufficient level of corrupted bureaucracy as to facilitate unwitting collusion, much of it introduced under a Labour administration. It is difficult not to conclude, that the Labour leadership, doesn’t have a vested interest in maintaining this problem? The rules are indeed rigged!

I wish you luck in addressing the political rule rigging and hope this extends to the humanitarian issues as well as the economic ones and includes the child abusers in the Labour Party. Indeed I hope that Labour can work towards abolishing this type of abuse from and by individuals and networks operational within the party. In the meantime, it continues to create living hell for many and is a national embarrassment. Labour will bleed support from child abuse campaigners unless it takes real and effective action soon.

Many kind regards


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