Starting Out in Social Work


2 thoughts on “Starting Out in Social Work

  1. Brilliant Read and the start of many. I remember working in a LA and being questioned by managers as to how I stopped young people offending and my approach was simple. TheTruth.
    I educated YP, service users and adults that they are part of a system and to break the system you have to remove yourself from their business. Less support from the state means more freedom. I showed people that they are pawns and created an us and them. I also told them that the same freedom and values I hold for myself, I want them to have. The best salesperson of a product is someone that uses the product. In too many cases we have SW, CW etc selling the government mantra but not using that product or belief system themselves. How is a YP or vulnerable adult supposed to believe in their sales patter if they don’t use it themselves. SW/CW’s frequently follow the rules even if those rules are detrimental to the progress of the individual. If your really going to set someone free you tell them the truth and the truth is that they are financial pawns in a game and they need to make broken and dysfunctional families to survive. They have no intention of fixing it. They broke it in the first place to sustain the system. That’s what I’ve been doing for years and continue to do so….. Telling the truth! It works for me.


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